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Gliese 581

by Deadlights

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James McGauran
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James McGauran 'Gliese 581' is a magically realised collection and another modern ambient masterpiece. I think the joy the listener will draw from this will keep them coming back to this release often, and it may just prove to be the crowning achievement in Deadlights' brilliant catalogue. Favorite track: Empyreal.


ABOUT || This Release

“Gliese 581 is a star of spectral type M3V at the centre of the Gliese 581 planetary system, about 20 light years away from Earth in the Libra constellation. Welcome to Mortuis Lumina Final Journeys.
Your craft will arrive just in time for sunrise, and you’ll gain your first views of the magnificent planetary system that orbits this beautiful red star. The journey has been programmed to overfly Planet F, the outermost and coldest of the planets – by any standards, an Adventum of the highest order.
After breakfast why not head to the viewing platforms and take in the Empyreal majesty of the surrounding local star systems? You can spend your time Counting Stars, perhaps dream about where you could have gone. Or why not simply relax in a chair with a drink and let the view immerse you….
After a preset major malfunction in the ship’s guidance system, listen carefully to the ship’s computer, explaining quietly that Your Circuit’s Dead, and that your chosen end will shortly begin.
And now it’s time to unwind. The life support systems on the ship will shortly begin closing down one by one, the dim lighting will eventually fade and the ship will grow dark and cold. As we start Slowing Down, it’s time to send that Last Message before the oxygen finally runs out.
When it’s all over, you’ll finally be at peace. The darkened speck of a ship will eventually lock into orbit around Gliese 581 as you sleep in Aeturnum.”

We hope your final journey will meet and exceed all of your last expectations.
Thank you for listening, and sleep well.

The Mortuis Lumina Team.



released August 4, 2017

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