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We Can Go Down, But We'll Take A World With Us (Four Evenings In The Führerbunker)

by Deadlights

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Felix Montfort
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Felix Montfort Deadlights Quality again. Great Release! Favorite track: Gotterdammerung.
Andrulian thumbnail
Andrulian This is a highly emotive subject and not always an easy listen. That said, it's done in a very clever way which is very difficult to achieve where you are left to put your own interpretation to the songs. There's a cinematic soundscape feel at times and some excellent synth sounds and riffs. Often parts of a documentary set the scene and tell the story in the songs. Favorite track: Prussic Berceuse.
Ronnie iversen
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Ronnie iversen An album that sinks down into the deepest and darkest corners of the human psyche, but yet still flies with estatic and ethereal beauty. Favorite track: Prussic Berceuse.
James McGauran
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James McGauran Truly stunning release. Cinematic and atmospheric brilliance that is pure storytelling - no easy feat. Favorite track: Prussic Berceuse.
Myk.R thumbnail
Myk.R Having been privileged to hear some early versions of the tracks, to finally see it released, to gain the wider audience it deserves, is a pleasure in, and of itself.

Deadlights always produce thought provoking work and this EP carries on that ethos. Favorite track: The 12th Has Failed.


H I S T O R I C A L - C O N T E X T || About This Release

April 1945
It became clear to Hitler that Wenck’s 12th Army had failed. Although they managed to reach Potsdam in an attempt to break through to the Reich chancellery and rescue the dictator, they were beaten back by superior Soviet forces. Germany was defeated. Hitler stared quietly at the map of his ruined country, “We can go down, but we’ll take a world with us.”

April 30th 1945
The end had come for Hitler. Himmler and Goering had betrayed him, his Empire lay in ashes, and Russian tanks were approaching his stronghold, which was to become his tomb. He lined up his household staff and thanked them for their service. Blondi, his Alsatian dog, was killed with poison in an apparent test of the drug’s effectiveness. And at 15.45 Hrs, Hitler shot himself in the head with his Walther PPK pistol. His bride, Eva Braun, took cyanide.

May 1st 1945
Josef Goebbles knew what was coming, as did his wife, the rabid Nazi, Magda. According to her, the death of the Nazi Party, “Our Wonderful Idea” was the end of life itself – and it meant the death of herself and her family.
“The world that comes after the Führer and national socialism is not any longer worth living in and therefore I took the children with me, for they are too good for the life that would follow, and a merciful God will understand me when I will give them the salvation ... The children are wonderful ... there never is a word of complaint nor crying.”

Magda Goebbles
After giving her six children medication to make them sleep, Magda ordered the SS doctor present to administer prussic acid to them all. They died in seconds. Shortly after, Josef and Magda Goebbles committed suicide in the Chancellery garden.

May 1945
The Soviets overran the bunker within a day of the suicide. It was deserted. The few remaining officers had made their escape, most to die in firefights across Berlin, some to escape to freedom. The Soviets ransacked the remains of Berlin. Germany’s Gotterdammerung had come at the cost of over 55 million dead. The “Thousand Year Reich” had lasted 12 years.

S E R I A L: E-CON 008


released July 8, 2016

C R E D I T S || L E G A L S

Thank you – Troy, John, Norman, Liza, James and the Electronomicon collective for all your wonderful support.

S A M P L E S:

“Death Inside Hitler’s Bunker”
– Written and directed by Michael Kloft – 2004

Julia Lezhneva - Philippe Jaroussky: Pergolèse,

"Stabat Mater"
Excerpts from “Gotterdammerung” – R. Wagner

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